> Latest News: 'No Place Is Safe' In Gaza: United Nations

Latest News: 'No Place Is Safe' In Gaza: United Nations

The United Nations has said that there is no safe place in Gaza as the Israeli attack continues. Thomas White, director of the UN's Palestinian refugee agency, said the UN was doing almost nothing to save the residents there.

Hamas- Gaza War 2023

More than 9,000 people have been killed by Israeli forces in Gaza, according to the Hamas-controlled Gaza Ministry of Health. According to their calculations, more than 22 thousand people have been injured so far.

The latest Israeli airstrikes hit a fleet of ambulances traveling from Al Shifa Hospital in central Gaza to the Rafah crossing. The Palestinian Health Ministry said at least 13 people were killed in the attack.

The Ministry of Health said that the ambulance fleet was crossing the Rafah border with the injured from the hospital. Hamas claimed that Israeli forces carried out the attack.

The Israeli Defense Forces also confirmed that they attacked an ambulance. But they say that there were Hamas members in that ambulance.

The BBC has already verified some video footage taken from the blast site outside Al Shifa hospital. A video shows people lying in a pool of blood outside the hospital, some of them frozen to death. Someone else is injured and running around. Checking some videos, it can be seen that at least 20 people were injured or killed in that incident.

Israel's plan for ethnic cleansing in Gaza

Israel continues to attack and blockade Gaza. Meanwhile, the ground attack has started as previously announced. As Israel began its ground offensive, media reports surfaced of plans to expel most or all of Gaza's population to the neighboring Egyptian territory of the Sinai Peninsula.

It is clear that Israel wants ethnic cleansing in Gaza. Even a report published in the Israeli outlet Calcalist has given a partial indication of this. Reports emerged of a leaked Israeli Ministry of Intelligence draft policy outlining the plan for ethnic cleansing.

According to leaked Israeli intelligence ministry documents, some 2.3 million Palestinians may initially be housed in tent cities after the expulsion of Palestinians from Gaza before permanent communities are built in the north of the peninsula. The military will surround this area, which is several kilometers wide. That is why they will have no way to return to Gaza.

The ministry believes that the withdrawal of Palestinians to Sinai is "positive" and will have long-lasting strategic consequences. The plan to oust the Palestinians from Gaza was made shortly after winning elections in 2007 and taking control of Gaza. However, Israel quickly dismissed the leaked document as 'speculative'.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has lobbied the European Union to move Palestinians to the Sinai Peninsula under cover of war. This information was also informed in a report of Financial Times last Monday. Some EU members, including the Czech Republic and Austria, reportedly raised the issue with other member states last week. A European diplomat, speaking on condition of anonymity, told the Financial Times that now is the time to increase pressure on the Egyptians to agree. Israel failed for 16 years to get Egypt's consent to this plan. However, the country can use the current situation to pressure Egypt.

Prior to the creation of Israel in 1948, attempts were made to expel the Palestinians from their homeland. Palestinians refer to that period as their 'Nakba, or Catastrophe'.

Blinken-Netanyahu meeting

US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Friday and called for a humanitarian ceasefire. But Netanyahu said the attack would not stop until the hostages were released.

In a meeting with Benjamin Netanyahu in Tel Aviv, Blinken proposed accepting calls for a humanitarian pause to allow emergency relief and aid to enter Gaza. But Netanyahu said he would not sign a cease-fire deal until Hamas released prisoners held hostage.

The main difference between a ceasefire and a humanitarian pause is that a humanitarian pause is effective for a relatively short period of time. Humanitarian breaks are sometimes enforced for a few hours. A humanitarian pause is invoked only to ensure humanitarian assistance.

More than 200 people are still being held hostage by Hamas, the Israeli army said. Hassan Nasrallah, the leader of the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, spoke on Friday for the first time since the conflict between Hamas and Israeli forces began. In his speech, he praised the attack carried out by Hamas on Israel.

The ODF was on "high alert" on Israel's border with Lebanon when he was speaking, they said. They feared that if the Hezbollah leader hinted at war in his speech, Hezbollah members might launch attacks on Israel.

However, Hejuballah Pradhan did not give any indication about the party's next step in his speech.

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