> 40th BCS Preliminary Question and Solution [English]

40th BCS Preliminary Question and Solution [English]

BCS examination is additionally method to choose all organization officer of each offices of Bangladesh. So, I posted 40th BCS English question and solution with LIVE MCQ.
40th BCS Preliminary Question and Solution [English]
The 40th BCS final exam held on March 30, 2022. A total number of 1929 candidates have been selected for the 40th Bangladesh Civil Service (BCS) exam in 2022. BCS is most profitable and competitive exam in Bangladesh for job seekers.

Finally, 10th to 45th BCS question and solutions are available here. Not only question but also you can practice here and check your preparation through LIVE MCQ. You also get NTRC English question and solution as soon as possible.

40th BCS: English Questions:

1. 'Please write to me at the above address'; The word 'above' in the sentence is a/an-
     a) Noun        b) Adjective        c) Pronoun        d) Adverb

2. In which sentence is the word 'past' used as a preposition?
    a) Writing letter is a things of the past.
    b) I look back on the past without regret.
    c) I called out to him as he ran fast.
    d) Tania was a wonderful singer, but she's post her prime.

3. The word 'sibling' means-
    a) A brother
    b) A sister
    c) A brother or A sister
    d) An infant

4. Fill in the blank: As she was talking, he suddenly broke ---,  saying. 'That's lie!'
     a) Of        b) in        c) down        d) into

5. You may go for a walk if you feel --- it.
    a) about        b) on        c) like        d) for

6. 'You lool terrific in the dress!' The word 'terrific' in the  above sentence means-
     a) excellent        b) funny        c) very ugly        d) horrible

7. Someone who is capricious is --- 
    a) easily irritated
    b) wise and willing to cooperate
    c) exceedingly conceited and arrogant
    d) known for sudden changes in the attitude or behavior

8. Which one of the following words is masculine?
    a) mare        b) lad        c) pillow        d) pony

9. A man whose wife has died is called a --- 
    a) widow        b) widower        c) spinster        d) bachelor

10. Change the voice: 'Who is calling me?'
    a) By whom am I called?
    b) By whom am I being called?
    c) By whom I am called?
    d) Whom am I called by?

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