> 39th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

39th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

The 39th BCS was a special BCS for doctor. The public service commission (PSC) issued the 39th BCS circular on April 10, 2022. A total of 13,219 candidates were eligible for the  position of surgeon assistant and 531 candidates for the position of Dental surgeon assistant during preliminary examination 2024.

In Bangladesh, there is competitive exam known as the Bangladesh Civil Service or BCS. For the purpose of recruiting candidates for the various BCS cadres. organized by the Bangladesh Public Service Commission.

39th BCS Question

1. A person who believes that laws and governments are not necessary is known as-
    a) A military        b) an anarchist        c) a terrorist        d) an extremist

2. He went to ----- hospital because he had ---- heart attack.
    a) no article, an        b) a, an        c) the, no article        d) no article, a

3. The word 'florid' indicates
    a) flour        b) foliage        c) floor        d) flower

4. Complete the following sentence; Had I know you were waiting outside, I ---------
    a) Had inviting you to come in
    b) Would invited you to come in
    c) Would be inviting you to come in
    d) Would have invited you to come in

5. Cricket is a kind of a play. It is also a kind of ---- 
    a) insect        b) food        c) bird        d) flower

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