> 38th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

38th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

38th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]
38th BCS Question and solutions given below. The Bangladesh Public Service Commission (BPSC), a quasi-judicial constitutional authority, is in charge of hiring employees for the civil service.

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission holds the countrywide competitive exam known as the Bangladesh Civil Service to select candidates for the People's Republic of Bangladesh civil service cadres. For graduate students and job  seekers in Bangladesh, BCS is the most valuable and challenging exam.

The 38th BCS exam is a step in the selection process for every administrative officials in the government of Bangladesh. As a result, Here added the 38th BCS question and solution with LIVE EXAM.

39th BCS Question [English]

1. Who is a Victorian poet?
    a) Mathew Arnold
    b) Robert Browning
    c) Alexander Pope
    d) Alfred Tennyson

2. A Speech of too many words is called- 
    a) A big speech
    b) An unimportant speech
    c) Maiden speech
    d) A verbose speech

3. 'Strike while the iron is hot'- is an example of -
    a) Noun clause
    b) Adverbial clause
    c) Adjective clause
    d) Subordinate clause

4. The play 'The Spanish Tragedy' is written by-
    a) Thomas kyd
    b) Shakespeare
    c) Christopher Marlowe
    d) Ben Jonson

5. The Word 'Panegyric' means-
    a) Criticism        b) elaborate praise        c) curse        d) high sound

6. Select the correctly spelt word: 
    a) Heterogeneous         b) Hetarogeneous        c) hetrogeneous         d) hetrogeneous

7. 'Among' is a preposition that is used when- people are involved.
    a) more than two        b) two or more than two        c) four only        d) two

8. The sun set down. The underlined word is 'down'  used here as a / an : 
    a) preposition        b) adverb        c) noun        d) conjunction

9. Which one of the following word is in singular form? 
    a) agenda        b) oases        c) redius        d) formulae

10. Fill in the blank with  the correct quantifier: I still have --- money
    a) a few        b) many        c) quite a few        d) a little

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