> 37th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

37th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

37th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions
37th BCS Exam, BCS is popular among the government job in Bangladesh. Proper planning and effort is required to crack this exam. But BCS is not difficult, if the preparation is thorough. Planning and effort can lead you to success.

In BCS there are various subject but English is on of the most important and difficult subject for everyone. So this is our small effort to make your preparation easier. Stay with us to check your preparation.

37th BCS Question [English]

1. The new offer of job  was alluring. Here 'alluring' means-
    a) unexpected        b) tempting        c) disappointing        d) ordinary

2. Fraility the name is women. Here 'Fraility' is;
    a) A noun        b) An adjective        c) An adverb        d) Averb

3. Education is enlightening. Here 'enlightening' is -
    a) A finite verb        b) A gerund        c) A participle            d) An infinitive

4. Use the appropriate article - I saw -- one-eyed man when I was walking on the road.
    a) a         b) an         c) the        d) no article is needed

5. The word 'omnivorous' means-
    a) eating all type of food
    b) eating only meat
    c) eating only fruits
    d) eating grass and plants only

6. The phrase 'Achilles heel' means;
    a) A strong point
    b) A weak point
    c) A serious idea
    d) A permanent solution

7. He worked with all sincerity. The underlined phrase is -
    a) A noun phrase        b) An infinitive phrase        c) An adjective phrase        d) An adverbial Phrase

8. This is the book I lost. Here 'I lost' is-
    a) A noun clause        b) An adjective clause        c) An  adverbial clause        d) none of  them

9. Which of the following word is singular form?
    a) formulae        b) agenda        c) oases        d) radius

10. "Gerontion" is a poem by- 
    a) T.S Eliot        b) Mathew Arnold        c) W.B. Yeats        d) Robert Browning

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