> 36th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

36th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

36th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions
The 36th BCS Examination question and solution are provide below. The 36th BCS examination held on 10 subjects. Both of them English  is most important for all students. so you need take proper preparation for better exam.

The 36th BCS was very easy for all students. for that here English was 25 marks. Now we provide here question and solution. You can check himself how to prepared for next 46th BCS Examination. The 36th BCS exam hold by Bangladesh Public Service Commission.

36th BCS Question [English]

1. which on is a correct sentence?
    a) paper is made of wood.
    b) paper is made by wood.
    c) paper is made from wood.
    d) paper is made on wood

2. Identify the correct sentence-
    a) Yesterday, he has gone home.
    b) Yesterday, he had gone home.
    c) Yesterday, he went home.
    d) Yesterday, he did gone home.

3. 'A Passage to India' is written by - 
    a) A.H. Aduen
    b) E.M Forster
    c) Galls Worthy
    d) Rudyard Kipling

4. 'Venerate' means-\
    a) defame        b) abuse        c) respect        d) accuse

5. Credit tk 5000 --- my account.
    a) against        b) in        c) with        d) to

6. 'To do away with' means-
    a) to repeat        b) to start        c) to get rid of         d) to drive off

7. I have been living in Dhaka ---- 2000.
    a) since        b) from        c) after        d) till

8. Give the antonym of the word 'transitory'-
    a) temporary        b) permanent         c) transparent        d) short-lived

9. Verb of 'Number' is -
    a) number        b) enumerate        c) numbering        d) numerical

10. Slow and steady -- the race. (fill in the gap)
    a) win        b) wins        c) has won        d) won

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