> 35th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

35th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

35th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions
The 35th BCS examination question and solution you get here with facility. 35th BCS examination held on 6 March 2015. 35th BCS examination was very important for job seeker in Bangladesh. 35th BCS examination organized by Bangladesh Public Service Commission

35th BCS Question [English]

1. Cricket enjoy a huge ----- in Bangladesh.
    a) follow on         b) fall out        c) follow        d) following

2. What would be the right synonym for "initiative"
    a) apathy         b) indolence        c) enterprise        d) activity

3. Which of the following words can be used as a word?
    a) Minister        b) Master        c) Mistress        d) Mastery

4. Who among the following writers is not a Nobel Laureate?
    a) T.S Eliot         b) Grahame Greene        c) Toni Morrison        d) William Faulkner

5. The correct passive from of "You must shut these doors" is-
    a) The must be shut doors
    b) Shut must be the doors
    c) Shut the doors you must
    d) These doors must be shut

6. The film was directed in the director's usual --- style
    a) confusion         b) personifying        c) idiosyncratic        d) purifying

7. The play Arms and the Man is by-
    a) James Joyce        b) Arthur Miller        c) Samuel Beckett        d) George Bernard Shaw

8. This could have worked if I -- been more far-sighted.
    a) had        b) have        might        d) would

9. The 'Climax' of a plot is what happens-
    a) in the beginning        b) at the height         c) at the end        d) in the confrontation

10. "Othello" is a Shakespeare's play about-
    a) A Roman        b) A Turk        c) A Jew        d) A Moor

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