> 34th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

34th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

34th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]
The 34th BCS English MCQ examination question and solution are given here with practice, that help you to check your preparation. The 34th BCS was conducted 100 marks, while was English for 20 Marks.

BCS preliminary exam from 10th to 34th BCS was of 100 makes. According to the previous of BCS Examination rules -2014. 200 marks has been introduced from the 35th BCS Examination. You would like to Join OUR Telegram  Channel : English for BCS

HOT NEWS: Quota-system was introduced for the first time in preliminary in the 34th BCS Examination.

34th BCS Question [English]

1. Maiden speech means- 
    a) First speech        b) Maid servant's speech        c) Middle speech        d) Final speech

2. Tiger: Zoology:: Mars: -
    a) Astrology        b) Cryptology        c) Astronomy        d) Telescopy

3. The term PC means-
    a) Private computer        b) Personal computer        c) Prime computer        d) Professional computer

4. EURO is the currency of-
    a) Asia        b) Europe       c) America        d) Africa

5. Badminton is the national sports of -
    a) China        b) Nepal        c) Malaysia        d) Scotland

6. Who is know as the 'Lady of the lamp'
    a) Sorojini Naidu        b) Florence Nightinagle        c) Hellen Killer        d) Madame Teresa

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