> 31th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

31th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

31th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions
31th BCS Examination- bpsc.gov.bd

The 31th BCS preliminary examination was held on 27 may 2011. The 31th BCS examination arranged by Bangladesh Public Service Commission. Given below 31th BCS examination question and solutions.

The 31th BCS participants got confuse, as the mathematics part of the question paper did not carry correct answer to two question. Contacted PSC officials said they will decide on the matter. On January 26 this year, the PSC published the advertisement on 31th BCS against the 2108 vacant post for general or technical cadres. You would like to Join OUR Telegram Channel : English for BCS

31th BCS Examination Question[English]:

1. To end in smoke-                                                                                                                        Ans: C
    a) To create fire        b) to go through suffering        c) To come to nothing        d) To see fire      

2. The world 'shrug' indicating doubt or indifference is associated with-
    a)  Shoulders        b) head        c) forehead        d) eyebrows                                                        Ans: A

3. He is quite ---- in dealing with people.
    a) unsubtle        b) imprudent        c) Diplomatic         d) impolite                                                Ans: C

4. They suffered much ------ tornado had hit their village    
    a) until        b) since        c) as if         d) let alone                                                                          Ans: B

5. Choose the wrong sentence:                                                                                                          Ans: A
    a) The land is belonged to an old lady
    b) They parted from on another suddenly
    c) The leader express himself forcibly
    d) Mother bought me an ice-cream

6.  Choose the wrong sentence:                                                                                                          Ans: B
    a) He was always arguing with his brother
    b) His failure result for lack of attention
    c) When will you write to him about your pen
    d) Who was the boy you were all laughing at

Choose the correct spelling -
7. a) Volantory
    b) Volantary                                                                                                                                    Ans: C
    c) Vountary   
    d) Voluntory

8. a) Accilerate                                                                                                                                   Ans: B
    b) Accelerate 
    c) Accelerrate
    d) Accilarate

9.    a) Tsunami        b) Sunami        c) Suname    d) Sunamee                                                         Ans: A

10. "While living in property, the poet had to --- a great deal of suffering"
    a) see through        b) put up with        c) pass by        d) fall back                                               Ans: B

11. "Wordsworth introduced the readers -- a new kind of poetry"
    a) with        b) at        c)by        d) to                                                                                            Ans: D

12." --- his earlier study, the professor's new study indicates a general warning trend in global weather"
    a) in contrast of        b) in contrast by        c) in  contrast to         d) in contrast as                      Ans: C

13 Only those who are not serious to their success work by -- and starts
    a) long odds        b) fits         c) every inch        d) against time                                                     Ans: B
Choose the word/words that best fits into the underlined word given in the sentence:
14."One day women will have what has so long been denied them leisure, money and room to themselves"
    a) liberty        b) office        c) space        d) Capacity                                                                    Ans: C

15. "Crafty man condemn studies, simple men admire them and wise men use them"
    a) Laud        b) acclaim        c) Denounces        d) compliment                                                    Ans: C

Choose the best word fits for the given sentence:
16. " A formal composition or speech expressing high praise of somebody"-
    a) Exaggeration       b) eulogy         c) elegy        d) caricature                                                     Ans: B

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