> 30th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

30th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

The 30th BCS Examination, 30th BCS preliminary question and answer with 100% accurate . You can read and practice 30th BCS examination question. Not only 30th BCS but also from now all previous year BCS Preliminary exam question and answer are posted here regularly.

The 30th BCS Exam conducted 100 marks. out of 100,15 marks were English. 30th BCS exam was held on 30 July 2010. overall, this exam will help to take proper preparation upcoming BCS. You would like to Join OUR Telegram  Channel : English for BCS

30th BCS Exam Question [English]:

Fill in the blank:
1. Parliamentary democracy demands discipline and  ---- to the rules.
    a) respectful        b) knowledge        c) adherence        d) awarness                                        Ans: C

2. Reason is the highest faculty -- on human by their creator
    a) entrusted        b) bestowed        c) conferrd        d) endowed                                               Ans: B

3. Rishan walk as if he ---- lame
    a) had been        b) is        c) has        d) were                                                                            Ans: D

Choose the wrong sentence: 
4. a) Neither you nor I am in a sound position.
    b) He begged the favour of my granting him leave
    c) Laziness detrimental for success                                                                                        
    d) Your action is not in conformity with the law                                                                        Ans: C

5. a) He has no desire for fame
    b) I intend going to Rajshahi
    c) He is too misery to part with his money
    d) He has invited me for dinner                                                                                                Ans: B

Choose the one which best expresses its meaning: 
6. To keep one's head
    a) to keep calm        b) to save oneself        c) to be self respectful        d) none of these        And: A

7. To put the cart before the horse-
    a) to raise obstacle        b) to offer a person what he cannot eat                                              Ans: D
    c) to forca a person to do something        d) to reverse the natural order of things

8. To read between the lines-
    a) to concentrate        b) to suspect        
c) to read carefully        d) to grasp the hidden meaning                                                                 Ans: D

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