> 29th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

29th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

The 29th BCS Examination Question and solution are available here. Real practice and take preparation of 29th BCS examination, Questions are given below. 29th BCS conducted 100 marks, out of 100 English was 15.

The 29th BCS examination held on 2010. Previous examination question is very important for job seeker in Bangladesh. In the government jobs exam questions are asked from various past job exam questions. So it is very important to know the solution of past questions.

29th BCS Exam Question [English]:

1. He had a ---- headache.
    a) bad        b) strong        c) acute        d) serious                                                                                Ans:A

2. I shall not ------- the examination this year.
    a) give        b) sit        c) go for        d) appear at                                                                                Ans:D

3. They travelled to Saver --------
    a) by walking        b) on their feet        c) on foot        d) by foot to                                                   Ans:C

3. He said that he -- be unable to come.
    a) will        b) shall        c) should        d) would                                                                                 Ans: D

4. Neither Rini nor Simi ----- qualified for job
    a) are        b) is        c) were        d) had to                                                                                     Ans: B

5. He said the he ------ the previous day.
    a) has come        b) had come        c) came         d) arrived to                                                       Ans: B

6. I have not heard from him---.
    a) long since        b) for a ling time        c) since long        d) for long                                          Ans: B

7. Honey is ------sweet.
    a) very        b) too much        c) much too        d) excessive                                                          Ans: A

8. You conduct admits ------- no excuse.
    a) to         b) for        c) of        d) at                                                                                               Ans: C

9. He watched the boat --------- down the river.
    a) to float        b) floating        c) was floating        d) had floated                                                 Ans: B

10.'Sky' is to 'Bird' as 'Water' is to-----
    a) fish        b) boat        c) lotus        d) feather                                                                               Ans: A

11. 'Good' is to 'Bad'  as 'White' is to ---
    a) dark        b) black        c) grey        d) ebony                                                                              Ans: B

12. 'Botany' is to 'Plants'  as 'Zoology' is to ---
    a) Flowers        b) Tress        c) Dear        d) Animals                                                                    Ans: D

13. The bad news struck him like a bolt from the-------
    a) sky             b) heavens        c) firmament        d) blue                                                                Ans: D

14. When one is 'pragmatic' he is being--------
    a) wasteful        b) practical        c) fussy        d) productive                                                          Ans: B

15. Into the ---- of death rode the six hundred.
    a) city        b) tunnel        c) road        d) valley                                                                             Ans: D
16. To be or not to be, that is the --------
    a) question        b) meaning        c) answer       d) issue                                                                 Ans: A

17. I have a ------ that one day this nation will live out the true meaning of its creed that all men are created equal.
    a) desire        b) dream        c) wise        d) hope                                                                            Ans: B

18. Who wrote the two famous novels,' David Copperfield' and 'The Tale of Two cities'?
    a) Charles Dickens        b) Thomas Hardy        c) Jane Austen        d) George Eliot                     Ans: A

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