> 27th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

27th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

27th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]
The 27th BCS preliminary examination question and solution very important for all job seekers. According, here added 27th BCS preliminary question and solution. 27th BCS exam held on 2009.

27th BCS peril conducts 100 marks, English was 20 marks. if you want to qualify BCS Examination you would like to read and practice previous job questions.

27th BCS Peril Question [English]:

1. Identify the imperative sentence
    a) I shall go to college                b) Stand Up
    c) Matin is singing a song          d) It has been raining since morning                                          Ans: B

2. To stay healthy, we must plan to have a balanced--
    a) food        b) diet        c) dring        d) environmetn                                                                     Ans: B

3. The rich should not look down ---- the poor
    a) at            b) for        c) upon        d) towards                                                                              Ans: C

4. I took a map with me, as I didn't want to -- my way on the journey
    a) loose        b) lose        c) lost        d) loss                                                                                   Ans: b

5. Every driver must be held-- his own actions.
    a) responsible to        b) responsible for
    c) liable to                 d) blamed                                                                                                   Ans: B

6. Through thick and thin means-
    a) under all condition                b) to make thick and thin
    c) not clear in understanding    d) of great destiny                                                                       Ans: A

7. 'Prior to' means-
    a) before        b) after        c) immediately        d) during the period of                                       Ans: A

8. Nobody knocked him down, it was an -
    a) incident        b) occurrence        c) accident        d) event                                                        Ans: C

9. The world bounty is closest meaning to- 
    a) familiar        b) dividing line        c) sympathy        d) generosity                                            Ans: D

10. The meaning go the word 'obese' is- 
    a) ugly        b) tardy        c) very fat           d) obnoxious                                                              Ans: C

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