> 26th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

26th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]

26th BCS Preliminary Question and Solutions [English]
26th BCS preliminary question is very easy for all job seekers. 26th BCS is conducts 100 marks, here English was 20. 26th BCS examination held on 2009. 26th BCS preliminary questions are given below.

26th BCS Preli Question [English]:

1. He has been ill --- Friday last.
    a) since        b) from        c) on        d) in                                                                                    Ans: A

2. He gave up --- football when he got married.
    a) of playing        b) to play        c) playing        d) play                                                            Ans: C

3. No one can --- that the is clever.
    a) defy        b) denounce        c) discard        d) deny                                                                Ans: D

4. Do not make a noise while your father ---
    a) has slept        b) asleep        c) is sleeping        d) is being asleep                                            Ans: C

5. He divided the money --- the two children.
    a) over        b) among        c) between        d) in between                                                            Ans: C

6. 'Out and out' means-
    a) brave        b) not at all        c) thoroughly        d) whole heartedy                                                Ans: C

7. Maiden speech' means-
    a) late speech        b) early speech        c) first speech        d) final speech                                    Ans C

8. As the sun ---, I decided to go out.
    a) was shining        b) has shone        c) shine        d) shines                                                        Ans: A

9. The lights have been blown -- by the strong wind.
    a) away       b) out           c) up        d) off                                                                                       Ans: B

10. The correct spelling is-- 
    a) Humorious        b) Humorous        c) Humourius        d) Humurious                                        Ans: B

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