> The USA is sending 'THAAD' to the Middle East to help Israel

The USA is sending 'THAAD' to the Middle East to help Israel

The USA has announced that it will send more weapons to the Middle East in support of Israel. This time, the air defense system called " Terminal High Altitude Area Defense" or "THAAD" well be sent to the region, the pentagon said. Apart from this, additional 'Patriot' air defense system will also be deployed there.

The USA is sending 'THAAD' to the Middle East to help Israel
Terminal High Altitude Area Defense" or "THAAD
The United State sent warplanes to the region after Israel's conflict with the Palestinian Independence Movement's armed group Hames began. Various weapons including USA warships, warplanes have been deployed. In addition, Washington has sent military aid to Israel. In the meantime, the announcement of sending a new air defense system came.

In a statement yesterday local time of the United States, Lloyd Austin, the country's defense minister, announced the deployment of THAAD and Patriot to the Middle East. The statement also said that additional USA troops are being prepared for deployment in the Middle East. However, their number has not been reported.

After the start on going conflict, Iran has issued various warnings to Israel. The pro-Iranian armed group Hezbollah also attack Israel from Lebanon. Lloyd Austin said in the statement that the activities of Iran and armed groups supported by the country have increased in the Middle East. Because of this, weapons and troops are being deployed there. Another USA objective is to help Israel defend itself.

The United States has been supporting Israel since the start of the Hamas-Israel conflict on October 7. Top level officials of the United States are visiting the country from time to time. Apart from Lloyd Austin, Foreign Minister Anthony Blinken is among them. Apart from that USA President Joe Biden recently visit the Tel Aviv. He also expressed his unwavering support to Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. At the same time, USA president emphasized the importance of relief to the Palestinian Gaza Strip.

Source: BBC & Al-Jazeera

Author Remark: Powerful Muslim countries must unite to resolve the Hamas-Israel conflict. Particularly no role of OIC or powerful Muslim countries like Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Egypt has been seen stopping Israel's terrorist activates. If Muslim country don't stand by Palestine in the same way that America stand by Israel, then it will never be possible to solve the conflict. 

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