> 24-hour Ultimatum: Gaza Residents Fleeing Their Homes

24-hour Ultimatum: Gaza Residents Fleeing Their Homes

24-hour Ultimatum: Gaza Residents Fleeing Their Homes

Hundreds of private cars, motorcycles and trucks throng the streets of the northern Gaza Strip. People are fleeing with family members including women and children. Many are walking for miles. He took with him domestic cows, camels, sheep and donkeys. As much as possible, they have started the journey of uncertainty.

The image came after Israel's military told residents of northern Gaza to move south for their own safety on Friday amid seven consecutive days of infernal bombardment by Palestinians. The time limit is only 24 hours. Since then, Gazans have started to leave the northern region in fear of their lives.

The directive was given to Palestinians in Gaza at a time when Israel has deployed massive military equipment including tanks around the valley. Preparations are underway for the ground campaign. The Israeli army said in a statement that they will conduct significant operations in Gaza in the coming days. If further instructions are given, residents of northern Gaza will be able to return to their areas.

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However, Gaza's ruling group, Hamas, called Israel's directive "false propaganda". They also requested the people of Gaza not to listen to these words. Hamas leader Bassem Naim said, "We will not leave the motherland." There are two ways ahead—defeat the occupation, or die at home.'

Many residents of northern Gaza are fleeing their homes after Israel's announcement

In the meantime, Israel and Hamas have carried out counterattacks on Friday. Israeli forces said that they attacked more than 750 targets in Gaza last Wednesday night. In addition, 6,000 bombs were dropped in the valley in the first six days. 

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International human rights organization Human Rights Watch said that Israel is using white phosphorus in the attack on Gazans. Its use is putting Gaza's civilians at serious and long-term health risks.

The death toll in Gaza, which has been cut off from water, food, electricity and gas by Israel's attacks, is getting longer and longer. 1,537 deaths have been reported in the valley since the attack began last Saturday. More than 6,500 injured. On the other hand, 1,300 people, including foreign citizens, died in Israel due to Hamas attacks. More than 3 thousand injured. Rockets were fired from Gaza to Israel on Friday.

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