> 46th BCS Circular Published By PSC

46th BCS Circular Published By PSC

46th BCS, next year 2024 46th new BCS notification will be released on first day of January. Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) is conducting various activities for that purpose. PSC is trying to complete all BCS (Prily, Retain and Viva) within one year.

When asked about the 46th BCS, several employees of PSC said, "I want to publish the circular of the 46th BCS and start its activities on the first day of the beginning of the year i.e. the first day of the beginning of 2024. The notification will mention the specific time of application. The notification may also mention the possible dates of preliminary, retained and viva. As if PSC can work with a specific deadline in front of it. Also, PSC is working with the goal of who will pass the BCS by the end of the year.

PSC officials also said that this year's BCS notification may give age relaxation. He said that since the BCS application or notification was published in November, those who have crossed the age of 30 in November can also apply if the 46th BCS circular is published in January this year. The age relaxation will be for this time only. No age relaxation will be given next year.

Regarding the 46th BCS program, PSC officials said that the Ministry of Public Administration has been asked to give the demand for vacant posts. When the Ministry of Public Administration gives the demand for vacant posts to the PSC, the notification will be published accordingly.

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