> Latest News: 10 Nepalis were Died, Palestinian Israel conflict

Latest News: 10 Nepalis were Died, Palestinian Israel conflict

Latest News: 10 Nepalis were Died, Palestinian Israel conflict
10 Nepalis were Died, Palestinian Israel conflict

Clashes between the Palestinian armed group Hamas and Israeli forces continued for the third day on Monday. Israel's armed forces announced that they have taken control of all areas around the barbed wire fence along the Gaza border, expelling Hamas members who had infiltrated the country. Israel has declared a complete blockade of the Gaza Strip, saying no gas, water, electricity or food will be allowed there.

The latest situation of this conflict is highlighted:

  • Retaliatory attacks have so far killed 510 people in the Palestinian Gaza Strip and more than 800 people in Israel. In addition, several Palestinians have been reported killed in the West Bank. More than 5,000 people were injured on both sides in the conflict.
  • Israel is adding 300,000 reserve soldiers (reservists) to the army to take military action in response to Hamas' simultaneous attacks from multiple locations. An estimated 100,000 Israeli troops have been prepared for a possible ground operation in Gaza.
  • More than 120,000 people have been displaced in Gaza less than three days after the conflict began.
  • In support of Israel, the United States is sending several warships and the world's largest warship, the USS Gerald Ford, to the region.
  • Iran has denied involvement in this attack by Hamas in Israel.

Hot News: Today 09 October 2023

10 Nepalis were killed and 4 others were injured in an attack by the Palestinian armed group Hamas on Israeli territory. This information was informed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal on Monday.

Nepal's cabinet has held an emergency meeting to monitor the situation and decide on a strategy to repatriate thousands of Nepalis working and studying in Israel.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal said that many people saved their lives by hiding in bunkers during the attack last Saturday.

An emergency cabinet meeting was held today under the leadership of Nepal's Prime Minister Pushpa Kamal Dahal. The meeting discussed the repatriation of Nepalis from conflict areas.

According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Nepal, initiatives are being taken to bring back Nepalis who wish to return home from Israel.

According to official sources, about 4500 Nepalis are working in Israel. Apart from this, hundreds of Nepalese students are studying in Israel.

More than a thousand people have already died in the bloody conflict between Hamas and Israel. It began with an unprecedented rocket attack by Hamas on Israeli territory on Saturday. Hamas showed its strength by firing 5 thousand rockets in just 20 minutes. Penetrating Israel's impenetrable security zone.

Not only that, Hamas fighters entered Israel across the border. Initially shocked, but Israel quickly responded. Counter attack in the Gaza Strip of Palestine. Since then, bombs are constantly falling in Palestine.

Israel declared war against Hamas yesterday. "It is a long and complicated war," said Benjamin Netanyahu, the country's hard-right prime minister.

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