> Why Is It Necessary to Have a Second Child?

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Second Child?

Maybe you visited a relative's house, a senior citizen came and asked "When are you having another baby or child", or a close colleague sat down to say,"Get the second baby or child soon". Approximately to have another child. But you may decide to have another child or baby for a number of reasons.

Why Is It Necessary to Have a Second Child?

A child's best friend

When you can't around, your child's best companion can be another child of your own. Parents don't stay in this world forever. But even after death, they hope  that another child will be by their side as the child's well-wisher for the rest of their life.

Child's supporting sibling

Many time when a child has a problem, his brother or sister helps him solve it. There are many problems that are beyond parent's understanding of the "generation gap". As the brothers are people of the same age, they can understand the matter easily. Apart from this, the elder child also play the role of assistant in many matters in raising the second child.

Utilize the involvement of birth and rising the primary child

Since you are a parents of one children, raising a second child is much easier using previous experience. Any fears or obstacles of being a first time mother will be much more manageable the next time around. If you have any physical problem, as you can take the advice of the doctor. It is also said in medicine that in second that the second time labor paintolerance also increase.

Problem solving skills will increase

As seen in the case any children, they also much receive affection and prominence. Even when they grow up, they tend to get all alone and easy. If there are two children in the family, then there is a competition between the two achieve something besides love. Their ability to achieve things increase, which helps them solve big problems later in life.

Dependence on you will decrease

When your child has a friend at home, the dependence on you will reduced. One will learn a lot from each other. A cooperative relationship will develop between sibling.  

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