> Why is there a crisis in Sweden and Denmark with the Koran?

Why is there a crisis in Sweden and Denmark with the Koran?

Anti-Islam activists in Denmark and Sweden have recently burned several copies of the Koran, the Muslim religious text.

Sweden is examining whether Koran burning can be legally restricted to
 reduce tensionswith Muslim countries

This has created tension in the Muslim world. They demanded the two countries to ban such activities. Both governments have condemned the burning of the Koran and said new laws are being considered to stop it.

But critics of such a plan say freedom of speech is enshrined in the constitutions of both countries and any attempt to change that would undermine that freedom.

Salwan Momika, an Iraqi refugee, was behind the burning of the Koran at least three times in the past month in Sweden. He wants to protest against Islam and ban the Quran. 

At the same time in Denmark, a far-right group called the Danish Patriots increased their number of anti-Muslim protests. They think that 'Islamization' is going on in the Nordic countries.

At least 10 copies of the Koran were burned in Denmark last week Protests 
have also taken place in Bangladesh 

At least 10 copies of the Koran were burned in Denmark last week. Danish-Swedish far-right activist Rasmus Paluden has been regularly burning Qurans since 2017. He said he was angry with Turkey for opposing Sweden's accession to NATO.

Denmark and Sweden are among the most secular and free countries in the world. The two countries said they were examining whether the burning of the Koran could be legally restricted to ease tensions with Muslim countries.
Coming Ban for sweden

In Sweden, the police can refuse a protest application if there is a risk of public safety at the protest site. And in Denmark, protests can only be reported to the police.

Sweden is examining whether any changes can be made to public order laws. However, they rejected the issue of making burning of religious books illegal.

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