> 46th BCS Circular | Exam Date | Marks and Syllabus PDF-2023

46th BCS Circular | Exam Date | Marks and Syllabus PDF-2023

The 46th BCS circular and preliminary exam date will be announced in January 2024. Generally, The Bangladesh Public Service Commission takes applications for BCS candidates in December every year.

Since, the 46th BCS, BPSC has taken the decision to take applications for 46th BCS Examination in January every year. The 46th BCS circular will be published at BPSC official website. So, The 46th BCS application preparation can begin on January 2024 and the recruitment process will be finished within a year.

Bangladesh Civil Service or BCS, The Bangladesh Government Service Commission appoints first-class gazette officers through a competitive examination. This manpower is recruited from among Bangladeshi Citizens in 26 caders. You can also see the cadre list and know how to give cadre choice in 46th BCS 2024.

According to the provision of BCS examinations rules-2014, 200 marks 2 hours has been introduced from the 35th BCS examination. Click Here to Download 46th BCS syllabus and circular. You can also apply to BCS through the link which given below. Click Here to Apply Online.

To appear in the BCS exam, candidate must obtain a postgraduate in any discipline. General information candidate must be between 21 and  30 years old. For candidates who meet the quota, the maximum age is 32 years. Interested candidates should apply online.

The Bangladesh Public Service Commission conducts this recruitment through three stages of preliminary, written and oral examinations. The recruits are called BCS cadre. There are 26 cadres in Bangladesh Civil Service. As a BCS candidate it is important to know the cadre list and how to give cadre choice. Click for details.

It is good to know for those who are going to give the 46th BCS preliminary examination for the first time. The preliminary and Retain exam is conducted on 10 subjects. Notable subjects include Bengali, Mathematics and English.

To do well English, proper preparation is required. Easy Learning English for the BCS program has started to make your preparation easier. In the Easy Learning English for BCS program, you will have ample opportunity to practice all past BCS English exam question and solutions as like 45th BCS, 40th  BCS and 38th BCS.

More and more practice for take better preparation. Participate previous preliminary exam and get instant solution, you would like to practice Please click START QUIZ button.

Attention!! Not Only 45th BCS but also added here preliminary question solution of 35th BCS, 36th BCS and 37th BCS.

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