> The 45th BCS Question and Solution- LIVE MCQ

The 45th BCS Question and Solution- LIVE MCQ

The 45th BCS question and solution are available here. The 45th BCS preliminary exam held on May 19, 2023. BCS exam arrange by BPSC (Bangladesh Public Service Commission). Not only question and solutions available here but also you would like to practice 45th BCS question through MCQ live.

45th BCS Question and Solution- LIVE MCQ
45th BCS Question and Solution- LIVE MCQ

Through this article we provides the 45th BCS question and solutions with relevant information. So I recommend you to read this question, practice through LIVE MCQ and take proper preparation for your next (46th BCS) BCS exam.

45th BCS Preliminary Questions Solution 2023

The next BCS entrance exam will be conducted with a total of 200 marks including multiple choice question (MCQ). Applicants have 2 hours to complete the test. After completing the BCS, many candidates often search for answer to questions. If you're one of those candidates you're like because you've come to the right place.

The 45th BCS Question:

1. He insisted on __ leaving the house.
    a) he    b) him    c) himself    d) his

2. The phrase "Achilles Heel" means.
    a) a strong point    b) a week point   c) a strong solution    d) a permanent solution 

3. He doesn't adhere to _ any principle.
    a) by    b) in   c) at   d) to

4. Millennium is a period of 
    a) 100 year   b) 100 year    c) I million year    d) 1 billion year

5. Who is not a Victorian poet.
    a) Alfred Tennyson    b) William Wordsworth    c) Robert Browning    d) Matthew Arnold

Live MCQ Exam

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